It is an architectural company founded in 1989 with offices in Pamplona and Qatar. Its work has recived numerous awards in national and international competitions and has also been displayed in exhibitions, biennials and architectural publications.

The professional team formed by Miguel Ángel Alonso del Val, Rufino Hernández Minguillón, Marcos Escartin and Pablo Llorca has designed the SMU series.

Luis Tabuenca

Luis Tabuenca González graduated by the Superior Technic School of Architecture in University of Navarra (E.T.S.A.U.N.).
Nowadays and since 1989, he works as architect in "Tabuenca-Saralegui&associates", company of which Luis is associate-founder.

Recently he has designed the SLOPER series.

Juan Sádaba

Architect by the Politechnic of Madrid in 1996. One master's degree in gardening and landscape and other one in evaluation of environmental impact complete his training.
In professional terms, he has worked by his own as architect and as designer and in Mecsa engineering as Project Manager.

Juan Sádaba has designed Elemental bench.

Txema G. Amiano

The prolific career of this designer, consultant, manager is bounded to a large number of companies and organizations in design an culture's world.
Since 2003 Txema runs his study “tga + asociados”, company which activity is focused ongraphic design, interior design, ephemeral architecture, industrial design…

Txema has colaborated in the design of Mutiloa bench.

G&C Arquitectura y Urbanismo

Town planning architects by University of Navarra since 1994-1996.
Urban space is one of their main investigation areas, where urban elements are integrated in the ensemble, at the service of space.

G&C has designed Shape bench.